Breastfeeding Is Not For the Faint of Heart

Below is a blog post I wrote back in August of 2014.  In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I'm reposting it here.  Enjoy! _______________________________________________ So - it turns out that this week is World Breastfeeding Week. I bet you're wondering why on earth I would want to write about such an event. Well - it's… Continue reading Breastfeeding Is Not For the Faint of Heart


On Grief: Our Failed Adoption

It's been a little over four months since Ethiopia decided to end intercountry adoption indefinitely and I still have a hard time talking about it.  Even as I sit down now to write about it I'm stifling tears, but I'm desperate for some closure to this chapter in our family's story, and I hope that… Continue reading On Grief: Our Failed Adoption