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Christine  |  Maternity Christine  |  Maternity
  • Christine | Maternity

  • I've been photographing couples for almost five years now. Doing so allows me to have a pretty intimate glimpse into a relationship, and the dynamics of couples vary greatly.  I've seen the fresh, excited love of an engaged couple - still flying high from the newness of their engagement. I've seen the comfortable, familiar love of a couple that has been married for thirty years.  I've been witness[...]
Heidi & Chris  |  Engaged Heidi & Chris  |  Engaged
  • Heidi & Chris | Engaged

  • So excited to feature the engagement session of this precious couple.  Their wedding is coming up this weekend and I am thrilled to be photographing what will be a lovely event!
Kaylin  |  6 months Kaylin  |  6 months